Tina Dickens Coaching Soutions

Change is endemic in today’s workplaces, from new job roles and promotions to wholescale restructures, yet so often the human element of change is overlooked. My experiences in the field of coaching and prior to that in commercial roles, have demonstrated to me that when the elements of human behaviour and personal impact are considered when change takes place, it is far more likely to succeed and for the change goals to be achieved.


Through a range of coaching solutions, from targeted 1 to 1 coaching and customised team coaching programmes and by training internal coaches, I provide a means of helping people in work to cope with the change that is around them, however big (or seemingly small) that change may be.

In a landscape of constant change, people at work are feeling under more pressure than ever and often the more senior they are the greater this pressure can be. Yet we spend 50% of our waking time in the working week at work. I am committed to making sure that this time is as happy and fulfilling for as many people as possible, quite an ask when the work environment is so pressurised!

My coaching solutions are proven to help people and organisations to find a safe space in which to explore their pressures and find strategies to cope with what change at work can mean for them. I bring a mix of professional curiosity, challenge and compassion to my coaching approach, combined with a background in senior commercial roles, which means I can often empathise with the situations my clients discuss.

I am a qualified and accredited coach, with many years’ experience of delivering coaching and of training other coaches. This, combined with a passionate belief that coaching can maximise the potential of the people in any organisation means that the work I do has a positive impact not just on the people I work with, but the people around them and their wider organisations too.

Thank you so much for what I have found to be really enjoyable, safe and informative sessions where I could really open up and expose myself to you on what I was feeling and going through as a new senior leader here at ENHT. I feel I have grown so much as a leader and feel confident now to really embed what I have learnt into my practice (still at times feel a long way to go, but keep reflecting and find myself knowing what I need to do and have the confidence to do this).

Senior Leader at East & North Herts NHS Trust

Tina has a knack of bringing out the best in your leadership style by giving you confidence in your strengths and helping you see and shape alternative approaches to challenging situations. This ability comes from her listening and understanding first, then asking thought provoking questions that lead to insights and ideas. She helped me become more direct, stronger at holding my ground and being seen as equal to my peers – all in a way that is in-line with my natural character and personality. I particularly liked this about her approach because it’s about authenticity and nothing else.

Alex Ashley-Roberts – Head of Marketing UK and Ireland, UNIT4 Business Software.