ASCCSS: A model for coaching evaluation

I recently ran a workshop at the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA), sharing the results of research I carried out last year, into the impact of coaching at North Hertfordshire District Council. I have an article going in to next month’s Coaching at Work magazine on the results of this, so will share more when the article is published.

However, an unexpected outcome of carrying out this research, was that I have identified a simple and clear model for evaluating the impact of coaching in an organisation, with little additional cost and a which takes only a limited amount of time. The model, abbreviated to ASCCSS (All staff, coaches, coachees and stakeholders survey), can be summarised as follows:

1) Feedback from ALL STAFF, by putting pertinent questions into the annual staff survey

2) Feedback from those who have trained and operate as internal coaches, through a short survey on a free online survey tool (I used Survey Monkey)

3) Feedback from those who have received coaching, through a separate but similar online survey

4) Thirty minute face to face interviews for detailed feedback from the main coaching stakeholders (in this case 5 staff)

In total this took around 4 hours to carry out and another 2 hours to evaluate the results. What it resulted in was a really detailed picture into the organisational awareness of coaching (including to what extent people had bought in to the concept), an understanding of how coaching had benefited those people who were involved in the delivery of coaching services, how coachees had developed as a result of coaching and to what extent it is embedded. It also help signpost the next steps needed for ongoing development of coaching in the organisation.

If anyone would like to understand more about how this works in practice, let me know!

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