One to one Coaching

One to one coaching supports the development of individuals to reach their full potential. The sessions are usually face to face but can be carried out over the phone or videoconference.

Tina2018-30An effective coach will help you to think creatively about where you want to be and what you want to achieve. They’ll help you explore your options and increase your self-awareness and self-belief so you can identify relevant actions and begin to take responsibility for setting and achieving your goals.

2J Consulting’s team are all qualified and experienced, and can support the following coaching methods:

Executive coaching:  for senior level executives and business owners; executive coaching provides an objective viewpoint on behaviours and performance, and ensures that the senior people in an organisation are performing at the top of their game.

Leadership and management coaching: either in conjunction with talent development programmes or as a standalone activity, such coaching has been proven to accelerate the development of future high achievers, retain their talent within the organisation and enable them to move competently into more senior roles.

Sales coaching: designed for sales people, managers or non-sales people in a customer facing role; this coaching helps to ensure that an individual’s sales activities have a greater impact on your bottom line and enhance the customer experience.

Performance coaching: designed to address behaviours which are leading to challenges in the workplace, or to support people who wish to develop their behaviours at work, to achieve promotion or growth.

Coaching is an effective performance improvement tool that works in many other circumstances. 2J is always happy to discuss the business need that you are looking to address, and will openly and honestly evaluate whether coaching can help with this requirement.

Past coaching projects have included but are not limited to:

–       Supporting senior managers in a range of organisations and businesses, as they move into executive / c-level roles

–       Working with an under pressure senior manager caught up with ‘current’ demands, allowing them to find space and time for forward planning

–       Help a manager reflect on a period of transition and change, and to use this reflection to develop future growth plans for their team

–       Support transition from an Account Manager to Strategic Account Manager role, in a high performing technology business. By identifying, exploring and encouraging the required skill development and behavior changes the client was able to work more effectively with CxOs in their client base.