Team Coaching and Development

Tina can help you develop your team to be more effective, generate better results and to work together to achieve their full potential. We offer team coaching and development workshops using a range of tried and tested methodologies which will help your team to be the best they can be; whether that is a team of direct reports and project team or even people from a range of organisations who have come together with a common goal.


Team coaching is an opportunity to explore and resolve issues within the team, in a safe environment; this could be about the team dynamic, uncovering and resolving longstanding issues in the team or simply using the opportunity to get to know one another better to identify what each other’s’ most effective roles in the team should be.

Team development tends to have a more specific focus, either operational or strategic. You may want to explore how the team can develop the skills and behaviours needed to move to the next level of a strategic plan or you may wish to develop to be able to address new projects or take on new responsibilities.

Either way, our team are well resourced to support you on your team’s growth journey.

Past projects have included:

– Bringing together the leaders of a rapidly expanding engineering project team, to identify one another’s strengths and find better ways of communicating in a fast changing and demanding environment

– Working with and supporting the Corporate Services management team of a rural council, as they defined their strategic goals and identified the best way of bringing together a disparate knowledge and skill base